Sara Kassam CIBSE

“Innovation is excellent, but we need to get the basics right first”

“We should be focusing on building performance and seeing people as people – that may be those you collaborate with or project team members or building occupants – its about seeing them as regular people rather than as adversaries”

Damian Coulton Energy Saving Trust

“If we can do things that people value; organisations value, then actually we’re doing a lot of good as the incentive for someone to reduce energy usage will become more intrinsic in their behaviour”

“The challenge is always that the academics involved will want to focus on the pure academic research. Where we’re involved it tends to involve a consumer element and there’s more of a deliverable that comes out of it”

John Batterbee Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)

“I can see a real desire from industry and government to work with the academic community and collaborate effectively; I just don’t feel we’re quite there yet”

“There’s a lot of opportunity for making it easier for organisations such as ourselves to find the right people and knowledge from within the academic community”

Judith Ward Sustainability First

“Universities may need somewhat greater clarity on where they can add real value on smart energy projects”

“Academic papers are sadly often unseen by the vast majority beyond the University sector ”

Jon Saltmarsh DECC

“Your research only really makes sense if it’s being used by other people in the future”